Since COvid19 Isolation

The Isolation as a result from the epidemic of Corona Virus worlwide has changed my life in a very abrupt way. I am being flooded with thoughts and emotions that must find a way of expression otherwise I am going to implode.

So I´m going to use this platform in order to manifest a little bit and I hope you can excuse me for probably being often too personal or even intimate. This is a complete new setup for me, if you asked me If I had ANY idea this was going to happen a month ago I´d never guess we´d had to be locked in our houses and isolated from the streets, the parks, the very air that surrounds my house . Its a brand new array of sensations that Im going through as the days passes and I feel like not only I´ll blow some steem off by doing this, my exposure can help other people that surely is going through the exact same thing.empty streets